Gas station network in WKO

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The course is unstable. Neftek-stable!

Dear customers, top up the fuel card “NEFTEK-CARD” with a discount of -10 tenge/liter in the period from March 23, 2020 to March 31, 2020! The promotion is valid only for individuals and holders of fuel cards “NEFTEK-CARD”. The “NEFTEK-CARD” card is perpetual. View more details

Keep warm and save money!

Dear customers, the “keep warm and save money” promotion is available at all NEFTEK gas stations. Over 200 liters discount -5 tenge / liter + a cup of tea in the period from December 26, 2020! The promotion is valid only when refueling DTL and DTZ. Посмотреть подробнее


AS OF 24.08.2023

When you pay for gasoline with our discount card, you get a discount

64   tg
264 tg
194 tg
288 tg
550 tg

What is the benefit of club cards?

NEFTEK-CARD allows you to make purchases not only with pleasure, but also with obvious benefits: Discounts on fuel GAZ-2tg/l AI 95 - 2tg/L AI 92 - 2tg/l DTl-1tg/l DTz - 1tg/l. When replenishing DTL and DTZ over 1000 L discount -7tg. For products in minimarkets – 3%.