Convenient discount fuel cards allow you to pay for fuel and receive discounts at the NEFTEK Choice minimarket.

You can buy a discount card "NEFTEK CARD" at any fuel station using your ID or passport

Time saving and convenience

With our fuel card, you can refuel your car quickly and without any hassle.

Full cost control

Effectively manage fuel and driver costs with detailed reports.

Replenishment of fuel at any gas station for cash and non-cash payments, fixing the cost of fuel (liters or amount)

Bonuses and loyalty

NEFTEK CARD provides discounts on petroleum products (-2 tg/l) and mini-markets (3%)

Convenient travel

Confidence in the availability and convenience of our services during your trips throughout the West Kazakhstan and Atyrau regions

Environmental responsibility

We support environmental initiatives, and with our NEFTEK CARD we save forests from being cut down for paper use

at the minimarket

Select the type of fuel and add to the request

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