Partner advertising at fuel stations is a strategy for cooperation between fuel stations and other companies for mutual benefit. Here are some examples of partner advertising at fuel stations and their benefits.

Advertising partners at fuel stations can be mutually beneficial for both gas stations and partners, as it allows you to expand the audience, provide additional services and increase customer satisfaction. It is important that partners are mutually beneficial and provide quality products and services.
Stella is the tallest structure and is located along the road.
Partner logo on the stele in the form of icons
Advertising on the top of the shopping mall for long-term lease.
Rentable area - 3 m2
Advertising on the bottom of the shopping mall for long-term lease.
Rentable area - 1 m2
Placement of an ATM or terminal
Advertising on windows made of perforated film.
Rentable area - 3 m2
Placement of advertising on doorways made of perforated film.
Rentable area - 1 m2
Advertising on windows made of perforated film.
Rentable area - 6 m2

Advantages of advertising at fuel stations

Advertising of products and services

Partners can advertise their products and services that are of interest to drivers and gas station customers. For example, auto stores may advertise auto parts, or restaurants may advertise dine-in or take-out options.

Joint promotions and discounts

Partners can conduct joint promotions with gas stations, providing discounts or bonuses to customers when purchasing products or services.

Advertising of branded products

Partners can advertise their branded products, such as car accessories, oils, antifreeze, etc.

Car services

Partner advertising may include offers for auto service, repair, tire fitting, insurance and other services that drivers may find useful.

Environmental and community initiatives

Partners involved in environmental or social initiatives can use gas station advertising to draw attention to their projects.

Financial services

Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions can advertise their products and services related to the automobile sector.

Tourism and hotel services

Hotels, travel agencies and rental companies can advertise their services to travelers.

Technical support and consultation

Companies that offer technical support for car owners (for example, applications for mobile devices or online services) can advertise their products.

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