Wholesale supply
NEFTEK is also a reliable wholesale supplier of petroleum products with extensive experience and a good reputation. The company owns its own terminal and a fleet of fuel trucks in Uralsk, which guarantees the supply of petroleum products 24 hours a day to any location upon the Customer’s request.
Direct supplies from refineries
Our company cooperates with several leading domestic and Russian refineries. Petroleum products are supplied by tank cars
Own terminal
The terminal has the ability to simultaneously store 9,500 m3 and have a single unloading front of 16 railway tanks, which are currently fully automated.
The fuel quality guarantee is confirmed by quality certificates and the choice of numerous customers.
Large fleet of own tank trucks
The company has its own fleet of tank trucks with a capacity of 5 to 30 m3

Stages of fuel supply

Complete your application on this page and submit it. We will send you an invoice for payment.
Make payment based on the received invoice for payment
Once payment notification is received, we will begin loading into tank trucks for transportation.
Modern tank trucks will deliver fuel to your address

Select fuel and add to request

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