Cashier operator vacancy

Active, purposeful, responsible, positive, easy-going, trainable, stress-resistant
Gender and nationality don't matter
Age 18 years and older. It is also possible to accept people aged 16 and over, with parental consent, for part-time work without night shifts
  • Sale of petroleum products, goods in a mini-market and services at gas stations.
  • Arrive at work according to the monthly work schedule approved by the gas station manager.
  • Make sure that the dispenser equipment (fuel dispenser) is in good working order for dispensing petroleum products, make sure that there is a cash register tape, replaceable reporting forms, etc., accept funds, according to the operator’s report, at the time of shift transfer, available at the cash register, indicating the amount in the cash book .
  • The gas station cashier-operator should greet the client warmly, ask the type of fuel (brand of gasoline, summer diesel fuel, winter diesel fuel), pump number, form of payment, and make sure that the client’s car is at the pump, ask if the client has a discount card "NEFTEK-CARD". When communicating with a client, offer the product in a mini-market. When making a settlement with the Client, inform him of the purchase amount, name the bill and the amount of change. Notifying that a fiscal receipt will be issued after the completion of refueling. At the end of refueling, issue a fiscal receipt; in case of refueling with a fuel card, issue a non-fiscal receipt to the client and say goodbye to the Client, wishing them a good journey. In case of refilling with a coupon, give the coupon stub to the client and say goodbye, wishing you a good journey.
  • When performing work and servicing clients, be guided by approved instructions, corporate standards adopted by NEFTEK Operating LLP and brought to the attention of cashier-operators against signature.
  • Timely and constantly bring to the attention of Clients information about ongoing promotions, new and changes in the conditions of existing programs.
  • Knock out checks on the cash register when receiving money from the client and give one copy of the check, along with the change due, to the client. When paying by bank card, keep one copy of the QR check for yourself, and give the second copy to the client along with the fiscal check.
  • Carry out cash from the cash drawer to the safe, documenting payment with a check. (take away from the cash register)
  • Know the assortment of the sales area, the scope of application of the product. Be able to provide advice on an industrial group of products using catalogs on oils (for engines, transmissions (automatic transmission, manual transmission, power steering, axles, transfer case) and filters, special fluids (antifreeze, antifreeze, brake fluid), as well as auto accessories (lamp for cars, wipers (window cleaner), etc.
  • Be present and assist, if necessary, in the recalculation of goods during the mini-mart inventory at the gas station during the specified period by the gas station manager.
  • Do not allow the sale of expired goods.
  • Take care of your appearance and be sure to show up for your shift in uniform.
  • Attend scheduled cleanup days, meetings and take an active part in their implementation.
  • Do not leave your workplace unless necessary and do not talk on the phone on non-work topics.
  • Defrost finished Sibylla products

  • Opportunity to work close to home, we select the gas station closest to your home

  • Flexible, shiftable work schedule, you can distribute your working and free time, as it will be convenient for you.
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